UME Series One-Antioxidant


BOKBUNJAL-ArgenineL-GlutathioneL-GlutamineL-glycineL-CietenGoji BerryFructo oligosaccharideHydrolyzed Collagen : The Secret of Korean Traditional Medicine

A balanced blend guarantees the proper functioning of your organism.

Recommended dose one sachet daily morning to cheaply dissolve in 120ml warm water and suddenly used orally.

Rapid oxygenation of the body thanks to the special mixture guarantees quick treatment and proper adjustment of your organism.

Suggested chicken is for 30 days one pack contains 10 pack or ten berries


Extract from BOKBUNJA

Extracts from BOKBUNJA or Black Berry Is a Korean species Is a secret to the health of South Korean girls especially That has inherited For more than a thousand years, it is one in four fruits that is considered the best of the best in the South Korean elixir. Which is a fruit that is considered powerful in antioxidants Can help with aging effectively Helps in liver function Helps to reduce the existing degeneration of cells in the body. And also contributes to reducing the risk of disease.


L-Argenine is an essential amino acid that is a “miracle molecule” that is essential to physical health. Can help stimulate the secretion of HGH (Human Growth Hormones), also known as Growth Hormones Which is an important hormone In maintaining young adolescence And can also help slow down aging, stimulate the growth of various organs of the body as well.

L-Glutathione (L-Glutathione)

L-Glutathione (L-Glutathione) is an important amino acid. Can help to build immunity to the body Helps to fight bacteria, viruses, germs and various foreign matter Contained in the body Including cancer cells Contributes to liver function Helps to eliminate toxins inside the body.


L-Glutamine can help reduce muscle fatigue. Helps to strengthen tissue levels and muscle function Helps to concentrate better


L-glycine contributes to anti-oxidants.


L-Cetane helps to eliminate toxins in the body. In helping to repair the cells from damage


Goji Berry

Goji berry helps nourish the eyes, slow down aging, help to fight free radicals.

Fructo oligosaccharide
Fructo oligosaccharide Helps the digestive system to work better Reduce the absorption of various toxins And cholesterol.

Hydrolyzed Collagen
Hydrolyzed collagen extracted from plants which can be absorbed better than general collagen. Helps to tighten the skin Resulting in firming, reducing wrinkles (in the case of people who are allergic to seafood can eat).

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UME Series One

One purchase contains 10 sachets ( One Box) recommendation 3 box fol fully finished detox process

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