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Salt Foot Bath


FANTASTIC Baht sea salt from South of Thailand …….250 gr……….500 gr.

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Not many people are “in the know” of the healing wonders of salt foot bath benefits–but we’re about to tell just what those healing wonders are.

Under the realm of foot care, there exists a wide range of treatments and techniques that many people use to care for their feet and relax themselves

Aside from your usual foot massage, or foot spa treatment, one of the more important and useful techniques is foot baths. And more specifically, salt foot baths!

Salt Foot Bath Benefits

Salt as an active ingredient is very helpful for those looking out for the health of their feet. The helpful effects of salt are very obvious to those who are keen beauty shoppers. We see salt listed as an ingredient in many beauty products, whether it is sea salt or epsom salt or a different salt altogether.


Salt foot bath benefits are numerous and those who start utilizing this aspect of foot care find themselves extremely satisfied with it. It is almost difficult to revert back to not caring about foot health at all after this!


One of the major salt foot bath benefits is that they can easily be done by yourself at home. There’s no need to shell out a large amount of cash in order to have a professional tend to your feet.


You can get the same results, or maybe even better, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. How cool is that?


In addition to the cheap price of at home salt foot baths, many people also find that they are more comfortable and relaxed when not in front of spa employees or other customers, so that can be an added advantage as well, depending on what your wants and needs are.

What Kind of Salt is Used for the BEST Salt Foot Baths Benefits?

The salt used, and the salt that will give you the most salt foot bath benefits, is most commonly known as Epsom salt (if you don’t already have this “wonder salt”


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