L-Argine Q10 Plus is an L-Arginine product that combine the goodness of confactor vitamins maximize the effectiveness of the absorption and nourishments such as co-enzynme Q10. resveratrol.lycopene.

Instruction of use: 1 pack mix with cold water(200cc) Morning or evening.

Package contains 15 x 10g of LRG

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Beneficial facts of L-Arginine Q10 Plus,
LRG RUBY and L-Arginine Ruby Q10 Plus…

L-arginine is an amino acid our body cannot create.
This wondrous molecule helps simulating nitric oxide,
which enchants our vasodilation system and promotes growth hormone,
Which is essential for rejuvenation and anti-aging.

L-arginine is an amino acid that can be found in natural protein source such as:
– Red meat;
– Various nuts;
– Dairy product such as milk and eggs;
– The meat that consist the highest among of L-arginine is Salmond.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxcide is called “the New Hero of the Human Biology”.
It was discovered by 3 respectable scientists:
1. Louis J. Ignarro;
2. Robert Furchgot;
3. Ferid Murad;
The discovery of its benefit earn them the Nobel Price in 1998.

What is Growth Hormone?

Growth hormones is a peptide hormone produce by our Hypothalamus
that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and cell regeneration for the rest of our life.
The production of growth hormone is more and more less effective after the 23-25 years of age. That means getting older and older.
And by getting older, all the systems in our body get duller as well, that’s includes our sexual performance.

In United States, Canada and Europe, growth hormone is widely use to help with rejuvenation.

Studies have proved that L-arginine can help promotes growth hormone production for up to 300%

L-arginine in recovering from ED (Erectile dysfunction)
The activation of L-arginine is similar to viagra, but in a much more natural way.
L-arginine will simulate the production of nitric oxide, Which vasodilate the blood within the genital area,
Therefore, helps against erectile dysfunction in male patient.
As some scientists named it “The Natural Viagra”

L-arginine advantage over viagra is that if consume consistently, you can perform your sexual activity immediately after being arouse,
And the effect will last for a while after stop taking it. It’s safer with no harmful side effect like viagra and also have other health benefit.
The only small disadvantage of L-arginine comparing to viagra is time and consistency. It will take about 1-3 weeks for L-arginine to heal your body, depending for individual recovering level to effectively give the result as mentioned above.

The increasing result of sexual performance after taking L-arginine varied by the level of dysfunction.
From early-mid stage of 21 male ED patients shown that:
88.9% genital erection duration last longer and 78% feels more pleasurable sexually.

Other benefit of L-arginine:
– Nitric Oxide helps maintaining our vasodilation system, circulatory system and improve our blood capacity to deliver oxygen, which are the cause of anemia;
– Reduce stress, improving sleep habit for healthier mental health;
– Helps stimulating cells reproduction for stronger muscle, rejuvenation and endurance;
– Increase sexual performance, sperm count, healthier sperm;
– Helps improving our immune system;
– Enhancing hormones;
– Stimulating cell regeneration for faster healing.

Dr. Sutep Punnatrakul
Dr. Chantana Inthasiri


Highly recommended. Arginine with new face for 2020.
RUBY L-ARGININE Q10. Nobel product 1998 for health.
– Children aged between 5-20 years old will increase the height
-Pregnant Will help reduce the risk of developing hypotension Causes of preeclampsia
And there are still many benefits.

Property of LRG Ruby

  • protects you from coronary heart disease. Help maintain blood pressure and plaque.
  • allows your body to create nitric oxide which increases the elasticity of your vessel to help maintain blood pressure level. Protect you from high blood pressure and coronary artery diseases. It helps recover blood vessels and lungs. (heavy smoker)
  • inhibits cancer cell diversion. Great uses against all beginner stage cancers.
  • directly enhances growth hormone production. A powerful anti-age and helps stimulate communications between the brain and nerving system, which leads to better memory and alleviate the status of Alzheimer’s.
  • facilitates the immuning system. Strengthen your body against allergies, helps with the strictness of the lungs and increases endurance against bacterias.
  • helps control insulin levels in your pancreas. A great cure for diabetes and decrease the risk of complications.
  • And many more! just check the picture of the product.


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Instruction of use: 1 pack mix with cold water(200cc) Morning/evening
Package contains 20 sachets

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