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Composition Each uncoated tablet contains:Diethylcarbamazine Citrate I.P. 100mg. Package information: Blister of 20 Tablets ( Now blister of 30 Tablets you get free 10 tablets)

Hetrazan, an anthelmintic agent does not resemble other antiparasitic compounds.
It is a synthetic organic compound which is highly specific for several common parasites.
Hetrazan Causes rapid disappearance of microfilaria of W.bancrofti,W.malayi and Loa loa from the blood of infected man , and of microfilaria of O.volvulus from skin .Microfilariae from nodules containing adult female worms,and from hydrocele are not eliminated. It kills adult worms of Loa loa and also presumably of W.bancrofti and W.malayi but not of O.volvulus.The mechanism of filaricidal action is unknown .The action on microfilariae is two fold : firstly to decrease muscular activity and thus immobilize the microfilaria more susceptible to destruction by host defense mechanisms.
Hetrazan causes rapid resolution of symptoms in tropical eosinophilia.

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Filariasis: 2mg/kg body weight three times a day following meals (100 mg TDS for an adult of 50 kg)for 3 to 4 weeks. The course may be repeated once in six months. Or as directed by the physician.

Tropical eosinophilia-: 13mg/kg body weight once daily or in divided doses (2 tablets of 100 mg TDS for a 50 kg adult) for 4 to 7 days. Or as directed by the physician.

Mass chemotherapy-; 2 mg/kg for 3 days each month for 12 months is adequate to interrupt filaria transmission in public health programs-. Or as directed by the physician

Hetrazan Dosage.               0,5 – 0 – 0,5   0,5 – 0 – 1   1   – 0 –  1   1   – 0  –  2   2   – 0  – 2

6. day  2  –  1  – 2   2  –  2  –  2   2   – 2  –  3,5

Package information: Blister of 30 Tablets
Store at room temperature.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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Blister of 30 tablets Hetrazan 100 mg

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