Cordata Bottle #2-Bio product


How to drink Cordata

Doage of KH Cordata a day

1 cc. per 1 kg. bodyweight.
A healthy, divided 2 doses in the morning and the evening.
a man 50 kg. – 50 cc. KH cordata a day
– 25 cc. KH cordata a day

starting dose on the first day
– 5cc. two time to observe
healing crisis

after that you can increase the dise like these – 15 cc., 25cc. on the second and the third days and go on.

For severe diseases, increase dose is inevitable to cope up 2-10 time normal dose.
normal -50cc. a day severe case -50cc. three times -50cc. 4 times -60cc. 6 times -100cc. 3 times may be a loading Dose for the first three months or unit the diseases subsides
Ploo -Kaw is a vegetable, so it is very safe even in the pregnant one month infant start 5cc. two times, then increase to 1 cc., 1.5cc. according to his weight.

Precaution in Renal failure and Heart failure patients.

Anuria or no voiding / no time 5 cc. two times unit voiding, may increase to 10 cc., 15 cc. 20cc. in succssive months later.

Heart failure 5cc. two times 1 month, follow up with the hospital doctor, if OK, increase the dose to 10 cc., 15cc, in each month later

Drink water frequently 3-4 liters a day, (except the renal failure and heart failure)
in order to flush out the toxins.

Keep in Refrigator if possible, after opening to keep good teste. Turn upside down before use or drink it.

Inportant knowlage

Healing Crisis

1. Healing Crisis is the reaction that occurs to the body when it tries to eliminate toxins faster than the body can keep up with. There is a temporary increasr in symptoms during the detoxification process.
2. The body works together as a system to eliminate waste products and toxins Large amounts of bacteria die off and new ones are replaced releasing toxins and poisons from the body. This will bring out old conditions in the body and manifest into symtoms.
3. Increased joint or muscle pain Diarrhea Extreme fatigue or restlessness Cramps Headache (believed to be caused by build up of toxins in blood) Aches, Pains Arthritis Insomnia Nausea Sinus congestion Fever (usually low grade) and / or chills Frequent urination and/or urinary tract discharges Drop in blood pressure Skin eruptions, including : boils, hives, and rashes. Cold or flu-like symptoms Strong emotions : anger, despair, fear, etc. Suppressed memories Anxiety Mood swing New phobias

This data very inportant please tell them (person who want to drink) to know about Healing Crisis


The cordata is a dietary supplementary product produced or extracted from flesh herb plants and manufactured with modern technology and new innovation, NO ALCOHOL , NO TOXINS, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO TOXIC ORGANISM AND NO CHEMICALS ARE ADDED, So it is fully enriched of herbal properties and values of Ploo-Kaw

Cordata has received registration by the Food and Drug Administration, the Ministry of Public Health, FDA. No. 40-1-111-48-1-0001

Cordata has received permission as standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by Ministry of Public Health, Certificate No. 40-1-11148, emphasizing in cleanness, hygiene and safety according to the standard of Ministry of Public Health.
Cordata has passed double inspections by Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Certificate No. 344-8-000640, 344-8-003876, for quality confidence.
Cordata has approval and permission from The Halal Standard Institute of Thailand, The Central Islamic Commitee of Thailand, Certificate No. กอท.ฮล.10 A 733 001 09 49

Additional information

Weight 2.00 kg

Cordata #2 is herb liquid juice product for orale use.
Drink only 10 to 20cc morning and bed time.
Bottle is 750ml.

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